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Co Axial Cables

Co Axial Cables

Tycon Cables also manufacturers Co-axial Cables for Cable TV Network. The coaxial cablescenter conductor is made of electrolytic grade solid copper free from all impurities and deformities to ensure better signal transmission.

The conductor is insulated with foam dielectric made of polyethylene injected with nitrogen gas, which is superior and also environment-friendly than chemical foam. The double screen of special composite type bonded aluminium foil and special grade aluminium alloy braiding of 60% coverage ensures low loss in signal quality, additional mechanical strength and resistance to oxide formation in tropical weather condition.

Construction Parameters

Cable Type

RG 11F


Center Conductor Nom. Diameter. (mm)

Solid bare copper 1.63

Solid bare copper 1.02

Dielectric Nom. Diameter. (mm)

Foam PE 7.11

Foam PE 4.57

Outer Conductor 1st Shield 2nd Shield Min. Coverage (%)

Al-Foil Bonded Al-Alloy Braiding 60

Al-Foil Bonded Al-Alloy Braiding 60

Jacket Nom. Diameter. (mm)

PVC Black/White 10.30

PVC Black/White 7.25

Bending 'radius (mm)



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