LT Power Cables

PVC/XLPE insulation for Power Transmission upto 1100 Volts (Uo/U) ISI marking IS: 1554 (Part I) and IS:7098(part I) with or without Heat Resistant (HR) or Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) properties Screening can be provided if desired Power Cables manufacturer Conforms to standard specifications such as IS: 1554 and IS:7098(part I)


  • Single core cables > 1000 sq mm
  • Multi-core cables > 630 sq mm.

Insulation :

  • PVC or XLPE, Heat Resistant PVC are also available.


  • Aluminium or Copper
  • Solid or Stranded
  • Circular
  • Compacted
  • Sector-shaped.

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