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House Cables

House Cables

Tycon Cables House Wires are a smart and safe choice. They will last you a life thouse cablesime, without any fires, breakdowns or worries. Whilst everything else in life changes, you can be sure our wires will always power your building unchanged.

Tycon cables house wires are manufactured with safety constraints because we believe in a "SAFER TOMORROW". Our Wires are

Our House wire range includes:

  • Multi Core Round: PVC Insulated Copper Conductor (Flexible) Industrial Cables
  • Flat Three Core: PVC Insulated Industrial Cable for Submersible Pumps
  • Single Core Copper Conductor (Flexible)
  • CCTV Co-axial Cables - 75 ohms
  • Multistarnd (unsheathed) heavy duty cables: Flame retardant grade (FR) PVC insulated conf. To IS:694, size house cables and wires from .75 mm to 10.0 mm
  • PVC insulated Unsheathed cables (twisted copper) , capacity 660/1100V, size in SWG 1/18, 3/.20 3/22, 7/20 to 7/22 upto 37/14.
  • 3-core flat insulated submersible cable with copper conductor 1100V: conf. IS: 694, size 1.5 sq.mm, 2.5 sq.mm and 4.0 Sq. mm upto 25 sq.mm.
  • PVC Flexible Twin Twisted, size 10/.0076, 14/.0076, 23/.0076, 40/.0076.

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