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Industrial Cables

Industrial Cables

Tycon cable has wide range of long lasting building wires. Tycon Cables' Industrial Wires gives you the most trustworthy and high quality wires available in the market today.

Our wires are manufactured using a special PVC compound which is :

  • Lead Free
  • Heat Resistant (LFHR) and,
  • Flame Retardant (FR).

Our range includes:

  • PVC insulated Unsheathed cables (twisted copper) , capacity 660/1100V, size in SWG 7/.044 to 7/.083, 19/.044 to 19/.083, 37/.064 to 37/.083.
  • 3-core flat insulated submersible cable with copper conductor 1100V: conf. IS: 694, size 6.0 sq.mm, 10.0 sq.mm and 16 sq. mm upto 25 sq. mm
  • Single and multi core PVC insulated flexible round wire conforming IS:694: size 0.5 Sq.mm to 185.0 sq.mm.
  • PVC insulated heavy duty cables (aluminium conductor conforming IS:694), size from 4.0 sq.mm to 90 sq.mm, 7x22x3 core and 7x20x3 core
  • PVC insulated solid copper cable size 4.0 sq.mm to 16.0 sq.mm
  • Our range includes:

    • PVC Twin-Telephone, Parallel Flat Flexible & drop Wire
    • PVC Flat Twin & Pair Core for Telephone Wiring (ATC)
    • T.V Feeder Wire Flat & Round Co-Axial Cables

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