Tycon Cables was established in the year 1985 by Mr. Naresh Singhal and since then the company has gained plausible reputation in the manufacturing of PVC wires & cables industry.


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Electrical Wire Cable

Tycon Cables - Leading electrical wire manufacturers & electrical cable manufacturers in India. Electrical cable and wire is the basic unit of every electrical arrangement. It used in both commercial and residential properties for various electrical purposes.There are numbers of wires available in the market as per the specifications. The technical specification of wires separate them into categories like Telephone wire, LAN wires, CCTV cables that explain their uses.

Tycon Cables is one of the reputed names in the industry when it comes to electrical cable manufacturers in India. We manufacture high-quality electrical cables and wires that can be used for varied purposes of electrical needs. They are ideal to be used at commercial and residential areas.

The wires we manufacture have certain benefits that include:
Heat resist

Our electrical cables are known for their super conductivity feature. Our wires have supreme heat resistance capacity that enables them to handle much heavier loads of electricity. With the high resistance power to heating quality, our wires can successfully part the overloading issues.

Elasticity and malleability

Our electrical wires are most preferred for their elasticity and malleability. We design the wires that can be easily bent or twisted as required. So, there is no risk of wire breaking or damaging.

Safe to use

Our electrical cables can endure high temperature. So, they are safe to use and will not melt easily. Excellent durability

The wires we manufacture are offer dimensional precision such as corrosion resistant, rustproof, light weight, and portable. The above said qualities make our wires much sturdy and robust. Tycon Cable is amid high-rated electrical wire manufacturers. Being the reason our product becomes the most demanding product in the field of wiring industry. For more details about electrical cables & wires manufactured by Tycon, feel free to contact us. We serve every one, be it an individual or an electrical cable dealer.

Tycon cables Electrical wires are manufactured with utmost safety constraints because we believe in a "SAFER TOMORROW".

Our Electrical wire range includes:

  • Multi-strand (unsheathed) heavy duty cables: Flame retardant grade (FR) & Fire Retardant - Low Smoke PVC insulated conforming to IS:694, size house cables and wires from .75 mm to 10.0 mm
  • PVC Insulated Copper Conductor (Flexible) Cables
  • PVC Insulated 3-core flat insulated submersible cables with copper conductor 1100V: conforming to IS: 694, size 1.5 sq.mm, 2.5 sq.mm and 4.0 Sq. mm up to 25 sq.mm.
  • CCTV Co-axial Cables - 75 ohms
  • PVC insulated Unsheathed cables (twisted copper) , capacity 660/1100V, size in SWG 1/18, 3/.20 3/22, 7/20 to 7/22 up to 37/14.

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