Tycon Cables was established in the year 1985 by Mr. Naresh Singhal and since then the company has gained plausible reputation in the manufacturing of PVC wires & cables industry.


In the Year 1985

Foundation stone

1985 was the bedrock year for Tycon Cable. The dream to reach the sky and establish a strong name was nurtured under the roof of a rented shed. The primary business activity was to manufacture antenna wires and cables, and soon the Tycon Cable's brand was born. The journey of a legacy was started by Mr. Naresh Singhal. His astute vision, relentless search for growth and indomitable approach made him emerge from the difficult times and made Tycon Cable start its expansion journey.

in the year 2010

ISO Certification

To continue to stick to its core principle of manufacturing quality wires and cables, Tycon Cable stamped its claim by becoming the ISO 9001certified company. The sustenance of Tycon cable is because of the people who work round the clock to make Tycon Cable a trustworthy brand name.

In the Year 2014

Establishment of a well-equipped manufacturing unit

To cope with the growing market demand, we soon established our manufacturing plant in the prominent industrial area. We brought in the best machine and state of the art equipment to match the escalating demand and that too without compromising the quality of the wires and cables.


Tycon Cable soon diversified its product line by introducing new product ranges like ceiling fans, PVC Conduit pipes PVC FR Electrical tapes,MCB distribution boxes, room heaters etc.

In the Year 2016

Award and Recognition

While Tycon Cable’s quality speaks volumes, and the Government of Uttar Pradesh also recognized this in 2016. Tycon Cable was recognized, lauded and rewarded as Best Quality Electrical Product Manufacturing Company by Shri Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh.

In the Year 2017

The Way Ahead

Tycon Cable has always believed in working in the present while eyeing for the future. We continue to evolve as a wires and cables manufacturing company. With our strong history and futuristic vision, Tycon Cable continues to put in the right efforts to make its business establish a benchmark of quality and success in the wires and cables industry.

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