Tycon Cables was established in the year 1985 by Mr. Naresh Singhal and since then the company has gained plausible reputation in the manufacturing of PVC wires & cables industry.


Wire & Cables

Submersible Cables

These are flat cables and consist of three cores. These are marked with different colour coding of red, yellow and blue.

The primary objective of using this cable is to attain the highest degree of safety when using these cables with Submersible Pumps. These have a sturdy and strong construction that adds durability to the wires. These cables are predominately used for connecting submersible equipment like submersible pumps, motors which are used to pump out water from bore wells.

Why choose submersible cables?

  • These cables are flexible
  • These wires are absolutely safe to use. They have PVC sheath coating to avoid water from penetrating inside the cable thus making them safe for usage
  • These are non-toxic and fire-resistant. Hence, you are assured of the best performance when using submersible cables.

Technical features of submersible cable

The submersible cables consist of 99.95% pure and bare copper conductor that offers 100% conductivity.
These wires are available in 100 meters length packaging. They are available in 8 different sizes ranging from 1.0 square millimetres to 25 square millimetres.

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